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The script for A View From the Bridge can be found on GauchoSpace. Please note that the script cannot be downloaded nor printed.  Please do not share this script with anyone.  Thank you.

A View From the Bridge

November 3rd – November 19th 
Performing Arts Theater
Saturday, June 3rd 
10am – 6pm 
TD-W 1507
Sunday, June 4th 
6pm – 12am
TD-W 1507
Note: Call back information will be posted in the Production Office window soon after the completion of general auditions. 
Monday, September 25th
Please note this is the Monday of Week of Welcome. 
Typically 20-25 hours per week until tech rehearsals begin. This play will rehearse Monday – Friday between the hours of 6-11pm until tech week. There will be some Friday afternoon rehearsals and occasional Saturdays. There are additional hours for tech and dress rehearsals leading to performances including a Saturday. 
3 units of THTR 49 and/or 149 will be given to cast members.
PLEASE READ THE PLAY BEFORE YOU AUDITION!  The script is currently available to read on GauchoSpace.
A View From the Bridge, by Arthur Miller, takes place in Red Hook, a dockworker’s community in Brooklyn, NY in the mid 1950’s.   It is one of Arthur Miller’s great classic American family tragedies, including Death of a Salesman, All My Sons and The Crucible.  A View From the Bridge tells the story of longshoreman Eddie Carbone and the fatal mistake he makes that changes his family forever.  The play is raw, gritty and explosive, and presents a fantastic acting challenge. 
Principal Roles
BEATRICE, also known as “B”, Eddie’s wife
CATHERINE, Beatrice’s niece, 17, who has been raised by Eddie and Beatrice since she was a baby.  She later falls in love with Rodolpho.
MARCO, Beatrice’s cousin, and illegal immigrant from Italy
RODOLPHO, Marco’s brother, also Beatrice’s cousin and an illegal immigrant from Italy.  Wants to marry Catherine.
ALFIERI, a lawyer in the neighborhood and narrator of the play.
The neighborhood feel is very important to A View From the Bridge, and ensemble members will play the roles of LOUIS, MIKE, TONY, LIPARI, MRS. LIPARI, IMMIGRATION OFFICERS, SUBMARINES and other neighbors and community figures.
All Brooklyn characters will speak with New York/Brooklyn accents.  Marco and Rodolpho are new to the United States and speak with Italian accents.  Some ensemble members may speak Italian phrases or with Italian accents.  Don’t worry if you don’t know any Italian; that is not a requirement of casting.  There will be a space on the audition form to tell us if you do speak any Italian.
For your initial audition, you will be choosing your own material for the play.  Follow these instructions:
1. Choose any one character from the play to audition for (don’t worry, you will still be considered for all characters).
2. Two of you will audition together at the same time. Choose a partner to audition with, and pick any ONE of the chosen scenes (also called “sides “) from A View From the Bridge that you would most like to read from.  For example, if you are interested in reading for Beatrice, you might find an actor who is interested in reading for Catherine, and then you would both pick the Catherine/Beatrice side to read together.  Do NOT sign up more than once! 
3. Your scene does NOT have to be memorized, but you should rehearse with your partner if possible.
4. Sign up with your partner during one of the hour-long audition slots.  Be prepared to stay for the full hour.  It is possible you will be asked to read the same material with a different partner, or new material from a different character for later in your audition hour.
5. If you are new to the department or are unable to find a partner, sign up alone and indicate what character you’d like to read for along with your contact information.  We will try to match you up with someone.  If you don’t have a partner and see someone signed up alone on the list, you are encouraged to contact that person and see if you can partner with them.  Again, do NOT sign up more than once – each of you should only read once for your initial audition.
6. Since the play is able to be read on Gaucho Space but not available to be printed out, we will provide sides in the production office.  Pick up a copy of your chosen side there to rehearse and use during your audition.  You make make notes on and keep your side.
7. Remember, you only have to do ONE scene.  You do NOT have to do each scene for which the character of your choice has a side.  Multiple sides are provided so that you have an option for picking your favorite.  You are welcome to use your own scripts, but all page numbers listed here are from the electronic edition posted on Gaucho space (Please note: the page numbers represent the script number not the PDF page number). The chosen scenes/sides are as follows:
1. EDDIE/CATHERINE (pp. 5-7) 
Begin: p. 5:  CATHERINE: “Hi Eddie!”
End: p. 7: after CATHERINE:  “B! Your cousins!”
2. EDDIE/BEATRICE (pp. 27-30)
Begin: p. 27:  EDDIE: “It’s after eight.”
End: p. 30:  after EDDIE:  “I’ll be in right away.  Go ahead.”
3. EDDIE/CATHERINE (pp. 32-35) 
Begin: p. 32:  CATHERINE: “Hey Eddie – what a picture we saw!”
End: p. 35: after EDDIE:  “Katie!”
Begin:  p. 36: BEATRICE:  “Listen Catherine.  What are you going to do with yourself?”
End:  p. 38: after CATHERINE: “Okay.”
5. ALFIERI/EDDIE (pp. 38-42)
Begin: p. 38: ALFIERI: “It was at this time that he first came to me.”
End:  p. 42: after EDDIE:  “Well, all right, thanks.  Thanks very much.”
Begin: p. 53:  CATHERINE:  “You hungry?”
End:  p. 57: after RODOLPHO: “And don’t cry anymore.”
7. MARCO/ALFIERI (pp. 72-73)
Begin:  p. 72:  MARCO:  “I have no chance?”
End:  p. 73: after MARCO:  “All right.”
Cut out:  Rodolpho’s lines
Irwin Appel, the director, will hold office hours Wednesdays between 1:30 and 5:30 in TD-W 1513 if you have questions about the audition requirements or the play itself.  Email address is 

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