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The Department of Theater and Dance fosters a vibrant and stimulating environment that encourages creative self-expression and critical thinking.  Undergraduate programs include intensive, conservatory-style training for actors and dancers, as well as general degrees with a focus on Dance, Design, Directing, Playwriting, Theater and Community and Theater and Performance Studies.  The department's nationally recognized and highly ranked graduate program offers a diverse array of interdisciplinary approaches to performance research within a global orientation.  The department provides a lively forum for faculty to integrate teaching and research, at the cutting edge of their areas of expertise.

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2019-2020 Season


Anyone can apply to be crew, stage manager or to usher a show. You can get units and free tickets to the show! More info HERE.

Any full time UCSB student is welcome and encouraged to audition. *The audition sign-up list will be posted in the Production Office (TD-W 1600). The scripts are on GAUCHOSPACE.

The Department of Theater and Dance is beyond proud to announce the 55th Anniversary Season. For more details please click HERE.