The Museum of Nothing Opens June 22!

Come join us for the opening of William Davies King’s Museum of Nothing, which, as he puts it, will be “a metaphor you can walk around in and take pictures.” The Museum of Nothing could be called “a collage of what we hardly ever notice.” King added; “Nothing is a concept I have nurtured and borne, and it’s deep in the plentiful stuff I can show. It might leave you profoundly unchanged and gloriously ready for less.”The museum will have its “Beta test” this summer in the Red Barn Gallery on the UCSB campus,opening June 22, 4:00-7:00, with a re-opening on July 7, 4:00-7:00. King hopes to find a “permanent” home for the Museum in the near future, though he adds, “nothing is forever, which can be interpreted however you like.” The show will focus on his so-called “kitchen collection,” which consists of the most ephemeral of the ephemera. He estimates that some 10,000 discreet items will be on display. The A side will be visible on June 22, and the B side will appear on July 7—free of charge. The two exhibits will be entirely different but equally nothing. The Red Barn Gallery is adjacent to the bus loop near the center of campus, alongside the university swimming pool. The nearest parking areas are #18, #27, and #29. More information about Prof. King and his various endeavors can be found at