Jo Palazuelos-Krukowski

Graduate Student


Jo Palazuelos-Krukowski is a doctoral researcher and Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She holds a Bachelors in Anthropology from Grinnell College and a Masters in Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Jo's research centers on spectrality, folklore, and cross-cultural theatre. Her Masters thesis, “Ghosts of the Other,” looks at the performance of the supernatural in nineteenth century Japan as a vehicle for the representation of social justice ideations on the late Edo kabuki stage. Her dissertation project focuses on constructions of the ghost in relation to national discourses about travel and mobility within Australian, American, and British horror radio. She is also interested in acting pedagogy (specifically the educational philosophies of Sanford Meisner and Viola Spolin) as well as the fostering of social ties and civic engagement through community performance. She teaches Introduction to Acting at UC-Santa Barbara.

Jo is a performer and playwright. Her original play Apocalypse Huh? was awarded the Barbara McClenon Playwriting Award in 2008. She decided to pursue her doctorate after founding an expatriate theater troupe in Daejeon, South Korea; her work has been staged in New York and Seoul. She has worked as a producer for the Moth, as an assistant director for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and as a consultant for the Royal Shakespeare Company. Her research has been published by the RSC and by Bloomsbury.

Jo's work on ghost performance as a prism for articulating cultural fears and aspirations was awarded the Kathryn Davis Fellowship for Peace in 2017. She was awarded UCSB’s Excellence in Teaching Award in 2019.