Ali Albanese

Graduate Student

Office Location

Theater Dance East, Room 2609


Ali Albanese is a first year MA student, with a BA in Feminist Studies and Theater from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her research interests primarily focus on representations of alternative sexualities, and BDSM performance as theater and/or performance art.
Ali was the 2015 recipient of the Robert Potter Playwriting Award for her original full-length play “Where There’s Smoke,” as well as the Dorothy and Sherrill C. Corwin Playwriting Award for her original one-act play “Dragons.” She has also had several original pieces performed in the UCSB Monologue Festival and the UCSB Vagina Monologues. 
In addition to her graduate studies, Ali works as a learning and development specialist for the Silicon Valley technology company NVIDIA.


Theater 42/142: IV Live