Naked Shakes

The Actor and the World.

In 2015-16, NAKED SHAKES celebrates its 10th season at UCSB, and its mission since 2006 has been to present energetic, exciting, raw, vibrant Shakespeare using the power of the actors and the language. The critically acclaimed, award-winning Naked Shakes has transported productions to the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles, and Center Stage in downtown Santa Barbara. Past Naked Shakes productions include: A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, MACBETH, THE TEMPEST, THE WINTER’S TALE, TWELFTH NIGHT, ROMEO AND JULIET, MEASURE FOR MEASURE, AND THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, along with the recent summer preview of the premiere epic event coming this winter, THE DEATH OF KINGS.

Naked Shakes believes in the transformation of the actor and the space, along with the imaginative ability of the audience. The barren physical theater space is very important to the Naked Shakesconcept; it takes on the identity of whatever locale or particular piece of poetic language is described, and yet always reminds the audience they are in a theater. When Prospero in THE TEMPEST describes “the great Globe itself,” he is not only referring to the entire Earth, but also the “Globe” Theater?, Shakespeare’s theater. That duality is what Naked Shakes is all about.”