Directed by Delila Moseley

In residence, Department of Theater and Dance, University of California, Santa Barbara

The UCSB Dance Company provides Outreach Performances to Santa Barbara County elementary schools supported by a City of Santa Barbara Community Arts Grant

Celebrate our 31st Anniversary and 11th European Tour!

As Artistic Director of the UCSB Dance Company, I am thrilled to invite you to join us for the 31st anniversary celebration of the company and the 11th anniversary of our annual tour to Europe. Featuring choreography by: 

  • Natasha Adorlee
  • José Limón - Legacy Choreographer
  • Monique Meunier
  • Chitli Ocampo

I look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our dancers, choreographers and faculty.

Delila Moseley, Artistic Director
UCSB Dance Company

UCSB Dance Company is going on tour!

I would like to support the company with a gift!

Missa Brevis Choreographed by José Limón | Photo by Stephen Sherrill

Below are links to archives offering more information about dancers, choreographers, and donors.

These individuals have made 30 years of extraordinary dance performances and touring possible:

Company Alumni 1990 - 2020

Company  Repertoire 1990-2020

Company Donors 1990 - 2020

Company European Tours 2011 - 2020

Running Dance Choreographed by José Limón | Photo by Stephen Sherrill


Versatile, vibrant and passionate ambassadors of American modern dance

UCSB Dance Company 2023-24 Roster

1. Ashira Bloom

2. Rachael Conley

3. Marta Cremonini

4. Georgia Goldsmith

5. Riley Haley

6. Annakari Hoyer

7. Caroline Kim

8. Tiersha Lin

9. Madelyn Minami

10. Sky Pasqual

11. Kenni Rose

12. Gabrielle Salgado

13. Chloe Swoiskin

14. Suzanne Shilstone

15. Gabi Smith

16. Lilly Teisher

17. Skylar Yeung



The UCSB Dance Company 2023-24 is a 16 member student dance company under the direction of Delila Moseley. Now in its 34th year, the company offers graduating senior dance majors the opportunity to perform and travel as a pre-professional dance company. The company performs at the University, in downtown Santa Barbara, on tour in California and other western states, and has toured internationally, twice to China, and toured Europe each year since 2011. This year the tour will include Poland, Prague, Czech Republic, and Italy. The UCSB Dance Company presents lecture-demonstrations in elementary schools, high schools, and community colleges as well as repertory concerts in theatrical venues. Each year the company features works by guest choreographers, from reconstructions of classic works of modern dance to contemporary choreography.

Featuring Choreography by:

  • Natasha Adorlee
  • José Limón - Legacy Choreographer
  • Monique Meunier 

Feux Follets by Monique Meunier | Photo by Stephen Sherrill


Touring dates: April 19 - May 5, 2024

The UCSB Dance Company will travel to Europe in the Spring of 2024 for its 11th annual performance tour. The company will offer six performances in three countries: Warsaw and Tarnow, Poland, Prague, Czech Republic, and Bologna, Riva de Garda, and Florence, Italy. The experience of traveling to other countries and performing as a touring dance company is an incredible and eye-opening opportunity for the graduating students.

The company is also available for workshops, master classes, and seminars in various forms of contemporary dance. Alice Condodina, Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Limón Master Dance Artist, is available for Lectures and Conferences on American Choreographer José Limón, and offers courses in Limon Repertory for student dancers.

2023 International Tour Wrap-Up

All above photos by Stephen Sherrill


The Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.

Mexico - 3 tours

China, 2008 & 2009 with Santa Barbara Dance Theater

Europe 2011-2019:

Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Spain, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Prague, London


UCSB Humanities and Fine Arts UCSB Dance Company Plans a 30th Anneversary Tour, 2020 

Santa Barbara Independent review of Trajectory by Elizabeth Schwyzer, 2013

            “fully professional”

            “focused, assured, and fully immersed in the essence of the work’

            “powerful evening of dance”

            “ecstatic heights”

Santa Barbara Independent review of the UCSB Dance Company at Center Stage Theater by Elizabeth Schwyzer, 2013

Noozhawk review of Trajectory by Justine Sutton, 2013


            “stamina is considerable and impressive”

            “strong and varied program”

            “excellent work”

Noozhawk review of Unbound Confessions by Gerald Carpenter, 2012



For more information about the UCSB Dance Company, please contact Delila Moseley, delila1009@earthlink.net

All photos credit Stephen Sherrill.